On Monday, October 29th, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Coney Island.   With it came a historic storm surge that caused major devastation.  Today, more than a week later, much of the neighborhood is still without power or heat, nearly all businesses and community organizations have been flooded, and many residents remain hungry and in need of basic services.

In the days since this historic storm, relief efforts have relied largely on the tireless efforts of volunteers, private donations, and neighbors helping each other.  From delivering meals to elderly residents stranded in high-rise buildings, to helping residents transfer prescriptions from local pharmacies decimated by the flooding, to collection and distribution of blankets and other crucial supplies, to sweeping and shoveling sand off the boardwalk, the relief efforts have been massive and many-pronged.

However, Coney Island’s recovery will be a long process.  Millions of dollars of damage was inflicted upon residences, businesses, and social service organizations throughout the area.  Many who live and work in Coney Island lost everything.  Repairing our community will require a long-term, concerted effort on the part of local leaders and the continued generosity of Coney Island fans around the world.  To rebuild this unique neighborhood – where roller coasters coexist with residential developments, sea lions with merchants, tourists with locals – we all need to pull together.

To find out more about the #ConeyRecovers fund and to donate, please click here.  Coney Island thanks you.

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