About Us

Alliance for Coney Island is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing the transformation of Coney Island into a year-round, world-class recreational oceanfront destination while improving the quality of life of the entire Coney Island community.  The Alliance brings together Coney businesses, community organizations, and residents to work toward a better future for a neighborhood that is home to 50,000 residents and attracts millions of visitors each year.

The Alliance will be capable of assuming management and maintenance tasks in Coney Island, planning new initiatives and programs, partnering with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and advocating for resources and policies that support the revitalization of “the People’s Playground.”

The Alliance is comprised of representatives of local businesses and nonprofits, along with representatives of Community Board 13, the local Council Member, and the Brooklyn Borough President.

Interested in becoming a member of the Alliance for Coney Island?  Alliance membership is open to all.  If you are a business, not-for-profit, resident, or individual and would like to join the Alliance for Coney Island, please call us at (718) 594-7895 or email info@allianceforconeyisland.org

To learn more about the Alliance, visit www.AllianceForConeyIsland.org.  

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